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Jeff and I were bored, as we were waiting for the time to go to graduation, so we sat around and annoyed people on myspace (sorry you couldn't be there, shlee!)

(Jeff = Jeff, ellinephah = Stephanie)

Penny Lane: hows it going?
ellinephah: hmmmm
Jeff: *soap opera music*
Jeff: Penny, I'm on my death bed... *coughs*
********** at 5:07 PM Penny Lane left the room
Jeff: heh
ellinephah: LOL
ellinephah: well, that shows how much she cares...
Jeff: rejected in under .1 seconds
Jeff: OWCH
Jeff: that hurts

Then we randomly met up with a girl who happens to go to our school. Of course, we're not mocking her here, as she acted like she had a decently high IQ, but I'm putting this in just because of its amusement level (hey, this is quite the coincidence!):

********** at 5:11 PM Ashley joined the room
Ashley: i think u guys go to my school
********** at 5:11 PM Im too lazy to think of a name so I won't joined the room
ellinephah: woah, you're from the 'ville too?
ellinephah: Now that's really coincidential
Ashley: wait i think u were in my english class 1st semester maybe

Of course, I think at first she thought I was either Elliott or Linduhh, since both of them are in my myspace profile picture...:-P
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