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more from the same room

Ciro: hi room
Ashley: amos asks slave to go clean slave's half-boots
ellinephah: Slave wonders where amos put the rules
********** at 3:14 PM Edward joined the room
Ciro: tiffanny r u a man or woman
ellinephah: Slave says that Slave doesn't have more than one half-boot
ellinephah: WHEEEEEE!
tiffany: i an a male cd
Ashley: the rules are right behind slave.
Ashley: amos sighs
Ciro: cheerz
Edward: looks round
ellinephah: Slave wishes to burn the rules
ellinephah: and re-write them into a musical composition
Ashley: slave cannot
ellinephah: and disco
ellinephah: with pie
tiffany: i would like to be a slave
Ciro: ne 1 got msn??
Ashley: if so, then slave must go to the fiery depths of hell and retrieve james naigus
Edward: is this like a dom/me type thin in ere
Ashley: so he can write music
********** at 3:16 PM tiffany left the room
Ciro: NE 1 GOT MSN??
ellinephah: WHEEEEEEEEEEE!
ellinephah: Slave is literate, ja!
********** at 3:16 PM Ciro left the room
Ashley: does that mean that slave is going to go to hell?
ellinephah: Slave thinks...
ellinephah: Slave once again breaks the rules, bwahahaha
Ashley: amos gasps, for slave thinks
Edward: er is it the mistress slave thing
ellinephah: *does the breaks the rules dance*
Ashley: amos imprisons slave
Ashley: in a s mall jail in a backwater town
ellinephah: Slave thinks the jail is chocolate
ellinephah: and eats it
ellinephah: but now Slave doesn't have any more teeth
ellinephah: but oh well
Ashley: without teeth, slave cannot read out loud
Ashley: therefore amos wins
ellinephah: Slave thinks this is not a war
ellinephah: because tomtom is not present
Ashley: amos never said it was a war
Ashley: but amos wins anyway
ellinephah: Slave wants to win
ellinephah: Slave thinks Slave should win something some day
Ashley: slave canot win
Edward: slaves never win wars
Ashley: for slave and slave's descendants will be subjugated for another 100 years
ellinephah: Slave is appauled
Edward: all slaves win is there Masters/ Mistress' love
Ashley: slave can deal with it
ellinephah: Slave says ick
Ashley: amos says that that is the way history is written
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