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Today's insane chats started off with just Mr. Matt S. and myself. Of course, Ashley and Sheena, her cousin, joined in later.

********** at 12:23 PM brittany joined the room
brittany: hey yall
Matthew: helloooooo
Stephizzo: *is in shock*
brittany: why r u in shock
Stephizzo: an...actual...existing person!
Matthew: she just found out
brittany: what
brittany: im confused
Matthew: she has herpes sympex two
Stephizzo: that people exist
Stephizzo: oh, that too
brittany: oh really
Matthew: *sypmlex
Stephizzo: I have a short-term memory
Matthew: **symplex
brittany: oh
Stephizzo: I should forget stuff in 3...2...1...
Stephizzo: who am I?
Stephizzo: what?
Stephizzo: wha?
brittany: 4 real
brittany: haha
Matthew: jeeves!!!!!!
brittany: 4 real you have herpes
Matthew: get me my snorkle, jeeves!!! (thats you, steph)
Stephizzo: *gets snorkle ready*
Stephizzo: get the army of muffins to launch
brittany: oh gosh im soo lost
Matthew: okay
Stephizzo: hopefully they are trained enough
Stephizzo: for this mission
Matthew: *shuffles twards door, and opens*
Stephizzo: against the one-man army
Matthew: *muffins spew forth*
Matthew: get your herpes ready, jeeves!!!!
Stephizzo: ready to fire, Sir-ness!
********** at 12:26 PM brittany left the room
Stephizzo: the fifth
Stephizzo: oh man!
Matthew: ahahahaha
Stephizzo: crazy kid, leaving us!
Matthew: yah, i mean, we wouldnt have hurt her.....
Stephizzo: nothing past second-degree burns...
Matthew: *looks overly innocent, then throws the snorkel at the door*
Stephizzo: oops, you didn't just read that.

********** at 12:28 PM Joel The Bum joined the room
Stephizzo: pie is my friend
Matthew: helooooooo
Stephizzo: pie pie pie
Matthew: stop it!!!
Joel The Bum: hello
Matthew: hi
Stephizzo: howdy
Matthew: *draws snorkle, but tries to look innoccent*
Matthew: so, how bout them pistons, eh?
Joel The Bum: pie?
Matthew: yes, fool ,pie!!!!!
Stephizzo: that poor innocent team
Matthew: mwahahahahahahahahaha
Stephizzo: the power of pie!
Stephizzo: and all of its allies
Matthew: get the pie ready, jeeves!!!
Joel The Bum: power to the pie
Stephizzo: *retrieves pie*
Stephizzo: *from oven*
Joel The Bum: i belive in equal pie rights
Matthew: i dont
Matthew: i abuse my pie
Joel The Bum: naughty boy
Matthew: i spank 'em
Stephizzo: :-O
Stephizzo: the food police would not like that
Matthew: too bad
Stephizzo: but then again, you could just eat the food police
Matthew: that what we trained those muffins, for remember?
Stephizzo: ahhh, that's right!
Stephizzo: I must wake the muffins from their slumber
Joel The Bum: okayyyyy
Matthew: dont sas our muffins
Matthew: you infadell
Joel The Bum: eat pie mattew until u pop
Matthew: pop?
Matthew: no, i prefer la limonada
Joel The Bum: blow up
Stephizzo: it's more of a blasen moment for me
Matthew: tienes una polla de pollo, Joel?
Stephizzo: Bist du ein Kaesekopf?
Matthew: porque, mi amigo lo tiene
Matthew: y usa mucho en tu mama
Stephizzo: Und ich weiss nicht, ueber was er spricht.
Joel The Bum: no thanks
Joel The Bum: i dont want a chiken
Joel The Bum: usted paz de carne muerta
Stephizzo: aber ich spreche spanisch nicht
Matthew: no, polla de pollo is not chicken
Matthew: pollo is
Joel The Bum: aww german
Matthew: tengo herpies symplex two
Stephizzo: time to square dance in beef stew
Matthew: sweeeeeeet
Matthew: *get beef stew ready*
Stephizzo: WHEEEEE!
Stephizzo: the hotter the stew the more our feet will burn...
Matthew: sweet
Stephizzo: the more the feet burn, the faster the square dance
Matthew: ill burn off my corns and my warts
Joel The Bum: Sie Frieden toten Fleischs
Matthew: shall be fun, eh jeeves?
Stephizzo: yay, beef stew!
Stephizzo: Jeeves agrees!
Matthew: we is pleased
Stephizzo: as is we.
Matthew: shweetnesh
Joel The Bum: Essen Sie poo Sie poo Esser mit Kohl und hat yams gedämpft
Joel The Bum: ha ha ha
Matthew: ever been abused by a rabit?
Joel The Bum: have u
Matthew: about three times
Matthew: lost count
Matthew: and a moose
Joel The Bum: u do look like the type
Matthew: that was on saturday
Matthew: well, so does your snorkle
********** at 12:40 PM Joel The Bum left the room
Stephizzo: wow, he left us
Stephizzo: darn
Stephizzo: oh well, he just...feels like sucking like that
Matthew: thats cause he was scared of my abuse stories
Stephizzo: haha, yay!
Stephizzo: scaring!
Matthew: haha

********** at 12:45 PM mandi joined the room
mandi: just wanted to say hi
Matthew: i just wanted to say "Monkey"
Stephizzo: howdy
mandi: lol
Stephizzo: and yes, many monkies to you
********** at 12:46 PM Liquidmarble joined the room
Liquidmarble: hello
Stephizzo: but what's a monkey without a cheese sandwich?
Matthew: a yummy one
********** at 12:46 PM mandi left the room
Liquidmarble: i want kinky things with snorkles
Stephizzo: quite possibly the best thing I've heard all day
Matthew: agreed
Matthew: cept that time my doc told my i have herpes
Matthew: that was funny
Stephizzo: *insert dramatic music here*
Matthew: until i figured out it was ture
Stephizzo: bwahahahaha
Matthew: *ture
Liquidmarble: ...............................................DUN DUN
Matthew: **true
Matthew: oh well
Matthew: thats what i get for making out with three moose at once
Stephizzo: at least there's hope for the muffins
Matthew: i learned my lesson
********** at 12:47 PM - heather - joined the room
Stephizzo: the muffins will learn from their father's mistakes
Matthew: or ill spank em
Matthew: and they'll like it
Liquidmarble: hey heather
- heather -: hey .
Matthew: helllllo
Stephizzo: cheese!
Matthew: no!
Matthew: down jeeves!
Stephizzo: sorry.
Matthew: *pulls out snorkle*
Stephizzo: Jeeves gets too jumpy sometimes
Matthew: do i have to do it?
********** at 12:48 PM Liquidmarble left the room
Stephizzo: sadly, it must be done
Matthew: i dont want to
Stephizzo: for the sake of the universe
Stephizzo: and a pizza named Joe.
Matthew: but, i guess i have to
Stephizzo: Do it for Joe!
Matthew: *uses snorkle as only he ca, but for Joe*
********** at 12:49 PM - heather - left the room
Matthew: lolololol
Stephizzo: lol!
Stephizzo: this is brilliant!

********** at 12:55 PM charlie joined the room
Stephizzo: alrighty kids, now it's time to sing the happy song!
Matthew: so, Stineese, where is that snorkle?
Matthew: happy song???
charlie: hi stephizzo
Stephizzo: Good question Scchweps
Matthew: hows that go?
Stephizzo: Happy song, happy song, not associated with the angry song
Stephizzo: lalalalala, let's keep some copyrites
Stephizzo: so we don't get sued
Stephizzo: lalalalala HAPPY!
Matthew: hi, charlie
charlie: hi
Stephizzo: how goes it?
Matthew: that is so trendy, Stineese
Stephizzo: I can see it becoming a #1 hit on the pop charts
charlie: good
Matthew: indeed
********** at 12:57 PM charlie left the room
Matthew: i think it time for some counting time, Stineese
Matthew: darrrrrn
Matthew: what a whimp
Stephizzo: nooo, our new friend left!
Stephizzo: gee, some people and the early child education system
Matthew: grrrrrrr
Stephizzo: they just don't appreciate the education we're trying to give them!
Matthew: indeed
Matthew: oh, well
Matthew: perhaps we should make up a new room name thats more attractive
Stephizzo: "snorkels are hot"
Matthew: lol
Matthew: haha
Matthew: im good for whatever
Stephizzo: hmmm
Matthew: i got plenty of time
Stephizzo: *brainstorms*
Stephizzo: same here...all summer, in fact.
Matthew: *lightning*
Matthew: *rain*
Stephizzo: the call...of the wind!
Stephizzo: now where have I heard that before...?
Matthew: steve says that it is in fact wind
Stephizzo: Steve is probably right
Matthew: indeed
Stephizzo: I'm so mean, not giving Steve credit
Matthew: indeed
Matthew: he deserves a mmuffin
Matthew: *muffin
Stephizzo: yes, he does. And a care package
Stephizzo: for dying so many times the other day

Matthew: thats ok
Matthew: he forgives
Stephizzo: that's a good Steve
Stephizzo: a good pet steve
Matthew: indeed
Matthew: he deserves a mmuffin
Matthew: *muffin
Stephizzo: yes, he does. And a care package
Stephizzo: for dying so many times the other day
Matthew: well, thats nice of you
Matthew: so, wheres ms. Matthews? Its been an hour....
Stephizzo: her away message doesn't say!
Stephizzo: crazy are we supposed to stalk them
Stephizzo: if we don't know where to go to stalk them?
Matthew: grrrrrr
Matthew: whats her sn?
Stephizzo: arghyblargh
Matthew: you dont say
Stephizzo: I say, I say!
Stephizzo: idea
Matthew: la la la la dont phunk with my heart
Matthew: whats the idea?
Stephizzo: so every time the person asks a question
Stephizzo: we say BEEP!
Matthew: sweet
Stephizzo: even if it's just like "what's up" or something
Stephizzo: since it is a question
Stephizzo: WHEEEE, yess!
Matthew: shuper duper, friend
Stephizzo: I know, aren't I?
Stephizzo: jk
Matthew: you are
Stephizzo: Yay!
Stephizzo: a...compliment!
Matthew: lol
Stephizzo: hmmm...where are possible subjects?
Matthew: no estan aqui
Stephizzo: oh, I forgot to tell you, yesterday I randomly ate lunch with Marcello
Stephizzo: and a couple other random people
Matthew: did you?
Stephizzo: in the hallway
Matthew: fun fun
Stephizzo: beacuse we're too cool for the cafeteria
Matthew: i see
Matthew: well thats kickin
Stephizzo: Marcello and I are plotting to cut our hair at the same time
Stephizzo: unfortunately for him, he'll have to wait a long time
Stephizzo: I'm not ready yet
Matthew: lol
Matthew: just do eeeeeeeet
Stephizzo: if I were to cut it, it would probably be back-length ish
Matthew: lol
Stephizzo: short hair is for people with short hair!
Stephizzo: (doesn't that make so much sense?)
Matthew: indeed it doooo
Matthew: i have an idea
Stephizzo: yay!
Stephizzo: and what would that be?
Matthew: lets go raid random rooms together
Matthew: chat rooms, i mean
Stephizzo: lol, aw man, I thought you meant in real life...
Stephizzo: jk
Stephizzo: okay, so where should we go?
Matthew: sure. we may get booted, but it will be fun
Matthew: hmmmm
Stephizzo: wanna try some of the teen rooms?
Matthew: lets seee

Rob: Roxy, Stephizzo, Lauren, Stephanie, are you HOrny>?
Roxy: OH YA
Stephizzo: I didn't have horns the last time I checked.

Stephizzo: we all share a mind
Curiostiy killed the inoccent kitten: i guess so
********** at 1:22 PM _~*~_ThE PrOs AnD CoNs Of BrEaThInG _~*~_ left the room
Stephizzo: ish
Curiostiy killed the inoccent kitten: thats nice..
Stephizzo: yet not

Matthew: *gets up, takes off shirt for no reason, and runs after shephizzo*
Roxy: HEY
scott: bye
Roxy: LOL
chrystal: later scoott
chrystal: lol
Stephizzo: *gets snorkel ready*
chrystal: bye scott
Roxy: LOL
Stephizzo: *for full turbo blast*
Stephizzo: and the muffins, too

Matthew: *draws own snorkel*
Matthew: watch out, punk
********** at 1:27 PM ��Oh my gosh chocolate!�� joined the room
Stephizzo: them's fighting words, mate!
��Oh my gosh chocolate!��: hey ppl
********** at 1:27 PM Rob joined the room
Rob: Hey all
Roxy: HEY
Matthew: your mom is fighting words
scott: hi
��Oh my gosh chocolate!��: whats up
Rob: hey "omg chocalate"
Stephizzo: hmmm...very true
Matthew: mate
********** at 1:27 PM Lauren joined the room
Stephizzo: or "LOOK AT THE MUFFIN!"
��Oh my gosh chocolate!��: hey rob
Stephizzo: that would pull a few strings
Matthew: *looks*
Rob: any ladies in here as bored as me?
Lauren: hey
Matthew: you trickeMatthew: *draws own snorkel*
Matthew: watch out, punk
********** at 1:27 PM ��Oh my gosh chocolate!�� joined the room
Stephizzo: them's fighting words, mate!
��Oh my gosh chocolate!��: hey ppl
********** at 1:27 PM Rob joined the room
Rob: Hey all
Roxy: HEY
Matthew: your mom is fighting words
scott: hi
��Oh my gosh chocolate!��: whats up
Rob: hey "omg chocalate"
Stephizzo: hmmm...very true
Matthew: mate
********** at 1:27 PM Lauren joined the room
Stephizzo: or "LOOK AT THE MUFFIN!"
��Oh my gosh chocolate!��: hey rob
Stephizzo: that would pull a few strings
Matthew: *looks*
Rob: any ladies in here as bored as me?
Lauren: hey
Matthew: you tricked me!

Rob: ahahha lol ya
Roxy: LOL
Lauren: hey scott
��Oh my gosh chocolate!��: i need some help from you guys
Rob: ok
Rob: wat kinda help
��Oh my gosh chocolate!��: im throwin a party n i need all kinds of music
Rob: k
Matthew: *runs to smack stephizzo with his snorkle*
Rob: SAND STORM haha
Roxy: IM A DJ
Stephizzo: *flees*
ToM: how bout play good music
��Oh my gosh chocolate!��: so would yous mind tellin me like songs yous like rap
rock hip hop n stuff
Stephizzo: *eats cheese*

Matthew: i have said skill, jeeves
Stephizzo: maddd skilllz, as it is called in madly slaughtered English
Matthew: your mom is madly slaughtered english
Roxy: LOL
Matthew: in fact, everyones mom is
Matthew: mwahahaha
Stephizzo: woah, how did you know?
Roxy: YA
Matthew: *p'zones everyone*
Stephizzo: so, that means when females become mothers, we are becoming madly
slaughtered English?
Matthew: cause im amazing like that
********** at 1:31 PM Andrew left the room
Stephizzo: sweet, now I have that to look forward to!
Matthew: yes, it does
ToM: wtf.
Lauren: were r u in the picture> andrew
********** at 1:31 PM Corey joined the room

Matthew: *throws muffin at everyone*
Lauren: ??
ToM: *throws a ninja star back*
ToM: bitch!
Stephizzo: can muffins fly?
Matthew: *thows your mom back*
Stephizzo: they should
Matthew: they can now
Matthew: jeeves
********** at 1:32 PM Andrew joined the room
ToM: *smiles* thx
Stephizzo: atttack of the flying muffins
Stephizzo: sweet!
Andrew: wow
Andrew: wow
Andrew: what a rush
********** at 1:32 PM Corey left the room
Lauren: what>
Roxy: YEAH
Matthew: your mom's a ru...
Matthew: wait
Matthew: farnnit
Andrew: brb
********** at 1:32 PM Andrew left the room
Matthew: grwesin druin wersti
Stephizzo: ahhh, yes
Stephizzo: reminds me of the ol' deine Mutti jokes
Matthew: jsunt qerlo

Andrew: soooooooo
Andrew: hey roxy
Matthew: wernin funiin muygit
ToM: h...
Alex: hello
Stephizzo: 123
Matthew: 760
Andrew: 456
Andrew: roxy, u talkin 2 me again
Matthew: ury swas fernging
Andrew: lol
Andrew: thanks
Stephizzo: wow, the talent
Roxy: LMAO
Andrew: think im hot?

Matthew: y tu mama por favor, porque tienes una polla de pollo

Matthew: fren gury juerst
Roxy: OMG

********** at 1:39 PM Roxy left the room
Stephizzo: reminds me of berto
Stephizzo: how is the ol' chum?
Matthew: i ate him
Matthew: lol
Matthew: its just us
Matthew: we did it
Stephizzo: wow
Stephizzo: we should win an award
Stephizzo: for that wonderful performence
Stephizzo: getting rid of those los--brilliant people!

Bridget: hey
Stephizzo: hello
Matthew: giant parsnips!!!!
Bridget: asl everyone
Stephizzo: *claps*
Stephizzo: brilliancy
Bridget: lol
Matthew: that info is on the info panel
Matthew: why ask?
Stephizzo: I lost my asl
Stephizzo: I think I left it on the moon
Matthew: just click on a persons name in the sidebar
Stephizzo: the last time I went there
Bridget: first time being on just found out
Matthew: i think i deserve a muffin for that, eh jeeves?
Stephizzo: Jeeves agrees
Matthew: shweetness
Stephizzo: here is your fresh muffin
Stephizzo: picked from the muffin tree down yonder
Matthew: *takes muffin and throws it at people*
Stephizzo: muffins are friends, not food!
Matthew: herpes is a desease, neither friend nor food
Matthew: tried both, and found out te hard way
********** at 1:47 PM Bridget left the room
Matthew: anyone here?
Stephizzo: ah, somebody does not wish to listen to your words of wisdom
Matthew: *bombards room with fresh rasberries*
Stephizzo: perhaps she'll learn the hard way later...
Matthew: welp, thats it
Matthew: no one else is here
Matthew: just me and my momo
Matthew: *mono
Stephizzo: oh darn
Stephizzo: that's depressing
Matthew: which is peruvian for rutabega
Stephizzo: hmmmm
Matthew: i mean, spanish for monkey
Matthew: same thing
Matthew: whatever
Stephizzo: bwahahaha
********** at 1:48 PM James joined the room
Stephizzo: beans!
Stephizzo: beans are beanful
James: beans happen
James: I guess
James: yea
Matthew: so true, james
Stephizzo: that's so...wise
Stephizzo: ...ish
Stephizzo: the beans would be proud
James: hear that? I'm wiseish
Stephizzo: unless they wouldn't be
Stephizzo: then perhaps not
Matthew: you deserve a muffin
James: Oooh, muffins
Stephizzo: a muffin for your efforts
Matthew: *gives james a muffin, with herpes on it*
James: suddenly that muffin doesn't sound so good anymore
James: = \
Matthew: la la la la, dont phunk with my heart
James: quit phunking with my heart
Matthew: its my heart, darnnit
Matthew: i shall rip out your phalanx
Stephizzo: unless you both claim ownership to the same heart...
Stephizzo: JERRY JERRY!
Stephizzo: jk

eVerYboDy lOveS aN itaLian GirL..: heyy every1
Matthew: little mom
Naroot: wuts goin on
Cobra: boerd
Stephizzo: beep
amber: wat are you all doin
Stephizzo: beep
Naroot: hey itlian girl
James: school
eVerYboDy lOveS aN itaLian GirL..: hey naroot
James: english to be more precise
Matthew: mwhahahahahahaha
amber: lol
Stephizzo: oh no! Not my bad grammar!
Naroot: where do u live in jersey
scott: hi italian girl
Lisa: nothin here
amber: yea im just chillin
Stephizzo: I didn't hear that.
eVerYboDy lOveS aN itaLian GirL..: hey scott
eVerYboDy lOveS aN itaLian GirL..: south
eVerYboDy lOveS aN itaLian GirL..: u
Matthew: im chillin your mom
********** at 1:54 PM Kylie joined the room
Naroot: cool, same here
Kylie: hey peeps
Matthew: repuio?

Kylie: essex
Kylie: qwell just outside london
James: Your Mom is God of my Mom
Stephizzo: that's powerful stuff
Kylie: u ?
scott: im "just outside" too, wimbledon.
scott: teh tennis place
Matthew: you face is god of your navle
Kylie: o rite kool
Stephizzo: I could cry with joy
Kylie: not really that far
James: Your mom is the god of your face
scott: not at all
Matthew: your mom is the god of my mom's face

at 1:57 PM sexy girl joined the room
Stephizzo: it's more powerful
Stephizzo: than just "owned"
Stephizzo: more p-ness
********** at 1:57 PM sexy girl left the room
James: whats most powerful of all
James: is pwnt
Kylie: i can see y ther a room for 16-19 year olds
scott: he is l337
Matthew: acutally, james
Matthew: that would be undulation
********** at 1:57 PM sexy girl joined the room
Matthew: in the tenth degree
James: undulation happens
Matthew: oiu fren frem sedu
sexy girl: ne 16 or 17 yr olds wanna chat????
James: When I grow up, I want to undlate for a living
Matthew: im 16
James: Hey sexy girl, I have news for you
Kylie: im 17

ames: and
James: like
James: jumps
sexy girl: hey matthew IM me
********** at 1:59 PM Devil Smile joined the room
Stephizzo: sweet
Devil Smile: all the fine ass felienes come in the pimps and hoes room my buddy ty is
in to hip hop and im in to all kinds of rock so cum in and talk to us if ur bored
********** at 1:59 PM ~*LaUReN*~ joined the room
~*LaUReN*~: hey
Matthew: it says i cant, sexy
********** at 2:00 PM amber left the room
scott: hey
Matthew: devil, you are a clown
Kylie: add me ne1
********** at 2:00 PM Devil Smile left the room
~*LaUReN*~: hey stephizzo you go to my school ha
sexy girl: hold on i'm IM in u
Matthew: what about meeeee?
Stephizzo: I'm not the only one in here who does...
Matthew: i go to stephs school toooooo
Stephizzo: gee, leave out the great Matt, whydon'tcha!
James: I don't go to school
Matthew: and, stephs mom go to our shcool
James: Ryan, you're desperate
Matthew: and her dad
Matthew: and her dog
Ryan: LOL
Stephizzo: yes, my deceased dog goes there too
~*LaUReN*~: oh yeah i know you haha
Matthew: her cat only goes every other week, though
Stephizzo: how did you know, oh wise one
Stephizzo: named Matt
Stephizzo: who knows that my pets are educated
Kylie: add me ne1
James: Oh, so Matt is the wise one now
James: geez
James: so much for my wiseish-ness
Stephizzo: well, you're still wish-ish
~*LaUReN*~: wow
Stephizzo: *wise-ish
James: sick
you kill me well: bye
********** at 2:02 PM you kill me well left the room
********** at 2:02 PM KART joined the room
********** at 2:02 PM Matthew left the room
scott: man im bored.
********** at 2:02 PM Ryan left the room
sexy girl: hey ryan IM me
James: death sucks the narator said
scott: anything to avoid studying
~*LaUReN*~: yeah
Kylie: add me ne1
~*LaUReN*~: we have finals
Kylie: add me ne1
Kylie: LOL SOS SOM1 add me
Stephizzo: mine are all done today, thank goodness
scott: i got national exams over here atm
scott: 21 of them, 10 left.
sexy girl: hey james
********** at 2:03 PM Troy joined the room
~*LaUReN*~: dang
Troy: Hey Sexy Girl.
James: Hey Sexy Girl
sexy girl: hey james
James: I get the feeling you are neither sexy nor a girl
sexy girl: whutz up
KART: hey room
scott: lollol

Stephanie: hello
Matthew: im skippin
~*LaUReN*~: hey stephanie
Stephizzo: lol
Stephizzo: hey, other person with my name
Stephanie: So what you all up to
~*LaUReN*~: ok so why is noone else talking lol
Stephizzo: and, coincidentally, my colors
Stephanie: Yeah I love light blue
Matthew: then i can be up with you cool dude, stephizzo
Stephizzo: It is awesome!
Stephizzo: ah, yes, I am quite the cool dude
********** at 2:14 PM scott joined the room
Stephizzo: gender means little

Matthew: thanks
Matthew: love the not bold
Matthew: hey, hold on.,,,,
Matthew: MEN????????
********** at 2:18 PM babyboy joined the room
Stephizzo: them men.
babyboy: watz up ppl
Stephizzo: what have they done this time?
Stephizzo: beep!
********** at 2:20 PM babyboy left the room
********** at 2:20 PM ch

Stephizzo: I don't know, this room name seems a bit...interesting
Stephizzo: I think people are going to think we're serious or something
Matthew: just like you, steph, interesting

Stephizzo: plus, I've hardly ever seen a woman with horns..
Stephizzo: drat, he left
Matthew: what a turd
Stephizzo: before he could see that!
Ashlious: hmph.
Matthew: shoulda smacked him
********** at 2:40 PM joe joined the room
Ashlious: hallo
joe: hi
Matthew: harder
Matthew: wwhoop
Ashlious: HARDER
Stephizzo: LOL
joe: what is up room
Stephizzo: oh man
Stephizzo: beep!
Ashlious: re...meep? *hides*
Matthew: *makes nachos and throws them at the incomer*
Ashlious: *bawls*
Stephizzo: no more muffins this time?
********** at 2:41 PM joe left the room
Stephizzo: 'tis a shame!
Matthew: hahaha

Ashlious: hello
Matthew: harder
Stephizzo: LOL
Matthew: whoop
Stephizzo: CHEESE!
Ashlious: PHONES
Stephizzo: People named "Pete"!
Sam: hey
Matthew: hi, babe
Ashlious: heyyyyyy
Sam: ??
Matthew: how ya doing today, hun?
Sam: i dont really like it when other guys call me hun and babe
Ashlious: someone's homophobic
Matthew: sorry, babe
Sam: ok im gunna ask u one more time
Ashlious: ask us what?
Ashlious: hunny buns
Stephizzo: the ABC game!
Sam: i said not to do it nicely the first time
Matthew: what, dear?
********** at 2:49 PM Sam left the room
Matthew: ahahaha
Stephizzo: Matt, you deserve riches for that performence
Matthew: thanks
Ashlious: you win at life, dude

ned the room
Ashlious: HI SHEENA
Matthew: harder
Matthew: whoops
Sheena: Hi ashley
Sheena: lol
Ashlious: dudes, this is my cousin. she cool
Sheena: stephanie knows me....
Matthew: well, hello
Sheena: sort of
Stephizzo: I know random people
Sheena: hi
Stephizzo: named Sheena
Sheena: lolll
Matthew: and disregard the harder coment
Stephizzo: who actually aren't that random
Ashlious: lol
Stephizzo: but hi!
Stephizzo: LOL
Sheena: its ok
Sheena: i knew what u were talking asbout
Sheena: because i was reading over Ashley's shoulder

Stephizzo: Slave insists
Sheena: loll
********** at 3:24 PM Cassandra joined the room
Ashlious: slave is slave
Cassandra: howdy
Matthew: schweps thinks slave needs to get a frigin life
Ashlious: in slave's slavish ways
Stephizzo: Slave disagrees
Sheena: i'm just going to stay out of slave's way
Ashlious: who is schweps?
********** at 3:25 PM Steve joined the room
Stephizzo: Slave thinks like frigin life must get a Slave
Sheena: *backs into corner*

Stephizzo: Slave says your life has been a lie
Stephizzo: and everybody you once thought was male
Sheena: *deafened*
Ashlious: amos says that slave is quoting amos' sister
Stephizzo: and vice-versa
Ashlious: ;-o
Matthew: yes, schweps is a girl too
Ashlious: amos is a MAN
Ashlious: and PROUD OF IT
********** at 3:28 PM Steve left the room
Stephizzo: Does schweps feel like a woman?
Matthew: man, i feel like a woman
Ashlious: *dun dun dun dundun*
Matthew: *song plays in backround*
Stephizzo: That's exactly what I was thinking!
Ashlious: wow
Matthew: yay
Ashlious: it's liek a web of telepathy
Matthew: great minds think alike

I've broken both my legs falling for you.: i broke both my legs.
Ashlious: we got that
Matthew: hi
Stephizzo: I didn't
Stephizzo: jk
Stephizzo: ...or am I?
Ashlious: O_O
Matthew: im sorry, that must really suck
Sheena: did u reallY/
I've broken both my legs falling for you.: it does
I've broken both my legs falling for you.: no
Matthew: haha
Sheena: i thought so
Ashlious: wow
Sheena: but i wanted to make sure
Ashlious: wangst wangst
Sheena: cuz u never know
I've broken both my legs falling for you.: lol
Sheena: and then people get pissed off because u thought they were joking and then
they werent
Matthew: indeed you do not, sheena
Sheena: and yes

♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: oops
Broken Arrow: ..
Matthew: pert
♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: *PERTY
Beautiful Disgrace: *dances like homer*
Matthew: pert
I've broken both my legs falling for you.: lol
Matthew: pert
I've broken both my legs falling for you.: thx!
♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: lmao
Matthew: pert
Matthew: pert
♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: i am so stuoid
Matthew: pert
♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: my bad
Stephizzo: bert!
Matthew: pert
Matthew: pert
Broken Arrow: pert?
Matthew: pert

♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: matthew shut up now
Beautiful Disgrace: typos suck
♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: please
Beautiful Disgrace: *typso
Broken Arrow: >_X
Sheena: ashley wishes to inform the general public that she will be right back
♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: ia m sorry i just sounded mean
Beautiful Disgrace: *typos
Sheena: she has entered a quest for kitkat bars
Sheena: for a damsel in distress
Matthew: *goes and crys in corner* lol
Broken Arrow: .....
♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: okie dokie
♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: ahha i sorry
Stephizzo: oh dear
Beautiful Disgrace: ..i ate a bagle
Beautiful Disgrace: yummmy
Stephizzo: hopefully he doesn't have his muffins launced
♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: yummy
Stephizzo: or we'll all in for it
Sheena: what type?
Stephizzo: *launched
Matthew: i am about to, steph
Matthew: jeeves, ready?
Broken Arrow: ...
Beautiful Disgrace: my boyfriend called me..he lives in cali...i missed his
call..>.< *emo tear*
I've broken both my legs falling for you.: we used to leave the blue lights on and there
was a beat
Stephizzo: Jeeves be!
♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: i am odd and i like everything bagels and i get made
fun of for ut
♥ PaTiEnCE

Matthew: alright jeeves, on my count, launch
Matthew: 1, 2....
********** at 3:37 PM I've broken both my legs falling for you. left the room
Broken Arrow: is lost**
Beautiful Disgrace:
Matthew: 3! Launch
Sheena: *cowers*
♥ PaTiEnCE ♥: hmm i am really confused
Broken Arrow: dun dun dun!!!!!!!!!!1
Broken Arrow: dundadun!!!
Matthew: I SAID LAUNCH, JEEVES!!!!!!!!
Sheena: *cowers again*
Stephizzo: oh, sorry, sir
Broken Arrow: (*feels stupid*)
Stephizzo: *launches muffins*

Stephizzo: about songs
Sheena: songs
Matthew: songs
Stephizzo: etc. etc. etc.
Ashlious: yup
Sheena: i breat you
Matthew: songs
Sheena: songs
Sheena: songs
Sheena: songs
Matthew: songs
Sheena: songs
Sheena: songs
Beautiful Disgrace: SONGS
Matthew: songs
Sheena: songs
Ashlious: heena is crazy
Matthew: songs
Beautiful Disgrace: songs
Matthew: songs
Ashlious: STOP
Stephizzo: yay, conforming!
Matthew: songs
Beautiful Disgrace: god damn it this is giving me a fuckin head ache
Sheena: songssongs
Beautiful Disgrace: >.<
Matthew: songs

This is what Matt adds to the group:

Matthew: fuck
Sheena: fuck
Sheena: fuck
Ashlious: fuck
Sheena: fuck
Ashlious: fuck
Beautiful Disgrace: i just dropped my soda on my lap>.< its cold
Sheena: fuck
Ashlious: fuck
Matthew: (haha, im just copying words
Sheena: fuck
Sheena: fuck
Ashlious: fuck
Matthew: fuck
Sheena: fuck
Ashlious: me too
Ashlious: fuck
Matthew: fuck
Ashlious: fuck
Sheena: ewwwww
Matthew: fuck
Ashlious: fuck
Sheena: that was heena agian
Matthew: fuck
Sheena: i dont swear
Stephizzo: aah, my virgin eyes!
Ashlious: fuck
Sheena: lol
Ashlious: fuck
Matthew: fuck
Ashlious: fuck
Matthew: fuck
Sheena: fuck
Sheena: fuck
Matthew: fuck
Sheena: fuck
Sheena: fuck
Matthew: fuck
Ashlious: fuck

Sheena: i'm sheena
Matthew: crazy
Sheena: and im hot
Matthew: crazy
Sheena: anddd
Ashlious: crazy
Sheena: i likee uuu
Matthew: crazy
Ashlious: crazy
Sheena: crazy
Matthew: crazy
Ashlious: crazy
Matthew: crazy
Ashlious: crazy
Matthew: crazy

Please pray for the sanity of the world. Thank you.

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