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Matthew: hey, person that i have never met in my life, ever
Stephizzo: hey, other person I have never met
Stephizzo: ever
Stephizzo: nope, never
Matthew: never ever
Matthew: ever
Stephizzo: exactly!
Stephizzo: and my cheese says the same

********** at 6:25 PM Baby-K left the room
********** at 6:25 PM ::..~*rina*~..:: left the room
Matthew: wow
Matthew: he comes, they come
Matthew: he leaves, they go
Matthew: amazing
Taylor: lol
Stephizzo: ah, the art of stalking
********** at 6:25 PM Brent joined the room
Matthew: yes
Matthew: ever stalked a stalk?
Matthew: like.... celery?
Stephizzo: once or twice
Stephizzo: but that's more of a Wednesday hobby
Matthew: ah
Matthew: understandable
Matthew: yarrrr(matt=pirate)

Matthew: have you ever... petted a crab?
Stephizzo: only every day of my life!
Graces Slave..: no
Stephizzo: jk
Stephizzo: ...or am I?
Matthew: oh... darn
Matthew: you prolly arent
Matthew: its prolly your hobbie
Matthew: or whatever
Stephizzo: yeah, you're right, Matty-o
Matthew: lol
Matthew: i know-o

Then Matt and I ventured into a skater's chat and pretended to be skaters:

Stephizzo: yo
Skater Punk: sup
Matthew: dude!
Stephizzo: n2m
Matthew: nothin much, bro
Matthew: just hanging out
Matthew: pretty radical and all
Stephizzo: dude me too
Stephizzo: juss chillin
Matthew: sweet, bra!
Matthew: so, any of you go on any radical skarting station trips?
Matthew: *skatin
Stephizzo: i wish
Matthew: dude!
Matthew: why not?
Stephizzo: but i had 2 stay home and water da plants
Matthew: true skaters go to skating station
Skater Punk: sometimes
Stephizzo: agreed, yo
Matthew: totaly
Matthew: skating station is the shiz
Skater Punk: yup
Matthew: i love skating
Matthew: its like, my life
Matthew: i could eat it, i love it so much
Skater Punk: same here
Skater Punk: lo9l
Skater Punk: lol*
Matthew: totaly
Stephizzo: i wish there wuz skatin' ice cream
Stephizzo: i'd eat it
Matthew: me too, bra
Matthew: and then, id skate in it
Matthew: it would be gnarly
Stephizzo: mmm, skatin' in da ice cream
Skater Punk: brb
********** at 7:14 PM Skater Punk left the room
Stephizzo: i'd so totally date somebody who'd skate in ice cream wit me
Matthew: does walter?
Matthew: you can tell hes a skater punk
Stephizzo: walter's so punk
Stephizzo: wit his nickname "Flufficus"
Matthew: totaly
Matthew: dude!!!!
Stephizzo: dudeness, dude
Matthew: totaly bra
Matthew: brb, i need to polish my saktes
Matthew: *skates
Skater Punk: back
Matthew: sweet, bra
Terry is a Sex Kid: wb

Matt attempting to disturb people:

i groped the mall santa... ^_^: wow..
i groped the mall santa... ^_^: so glad everyoone ish talking....
i groped the mall santa... ^_^: o.O
********** at 7:28 PM Terry is a Sex Kid left the room
Matthew: HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!
i groped the mall santa... ^_^: o.O

Then all the skaters all left us:

Matthew: HARDER!!!!!!!
Matthew: oh, dang
Matthew: i was away
Matthew: and then i came back
Matthew: p'zoned
Stephizzo: why do they leave us?
Stephizzo: are we really that preppy?

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