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********** at 8:55 PM Heart Broken joined the room
Ashlious: omg, i can't believe you did that
********** at 8:55 PM GiNa joined the room
Stephizzo: omg, I can't believe it either
Stephizzo: I mean, breathing?!
Stephizzo: who does that these days?
********** at 8:55 PM //__ruin my black mascara. joined the room
Ashlious: !
Stephizzo: oh, I know, I know
Stephizzo: it's just ever so sad
GiNa: wut sad
********** at 8:56 PM //__ruin my black mascara. left the room
Ashlious: YOU
GiNa: huh
Ashlious: ...*headdesk*
Stephizzo: awesome
Stephizzo: it reminds me of cupcakes
********** at 8:56 PM GiNa left the room
Ashlious: like with sprinkles?
********** at 8:56 PM Heart Broken left the room
Stephizzo: *sinks into philisophical thoughts*
Ashlious: hm...perhaps

Stephizzo: haha, gotta love people
Stephizzo: who leave us
Stephizzo: when it gets interesting
Ashlious: because i'm such a bitch
Stephizzo: lol
Stephizzo: that Ashley Mathew
Ashlious: i konw
Ashlious: she's so MEAN
Stephizzo: psh, tell me about it
Ashlious: this one time
Ashlious: she started talking about me to all my friends
Stephizzo: omg
Stephizzo: how terrible
Ashlious: and then when i asked them
Ashlious: they were all like "uhhh"
Stephizzo: what jerks
Stephizzo: you should leave them

Lowell: *rolls eyes*
Stephizzo: run for the shelter
Lowell: Already there
Joe: hey
Lowell: *closes shelter door*
Lowell: Hey whoever you are
********** at 9:09 PM Dede left the room
Lowell: What's up
Stephizzo: we should put a cool flag
Stephizzo: on the pie shelter
Stephizzo: in case of pie attacks
Lowell: oh indeed
Lowell: can I bring my army of komodo dragons with us?
Stephizzo: yes!
Joe: NO!
Stephizzo: they will be needed
Stephizzo: to eat the pie
Lowell: They do not like pie, unless it has deer in it anyway
Lowell: NO?
Lowell: Warrum nicht Herr Joe?
Joe: nien
********** at 9:10 PM matt joined the room
Lowell: Das ist nicht ein Antwort
Stephizzo: Ich denke, dass es "warum" ist.
********** at 9:10 PM Joe left the room
Lowell: if nien is an answer to it, warrum works
Stephizzo: haha, so true
Stephizzo: oh people who slaughter languages
Stephizzo: shame on them
Lowell: yes, shame on us
Stephizzo: may somebody purposely refer to them as an "it."

Stephizzo: Chicken.
Stephizzo: well, that too
Stephizzo: oh, it all does
Lowell: ...
Ashlious: kristi told me
Lowell: really now
Stephizzo: me wonders many many things
Ashlious: yep
Stephizzo: mostly about aardvarks
Ashlious: a
Ashlious: a
Ashlious: r
Ashlious: d
Ashlious: v
Ashlious: ark
Stephizzo: that would make a groovy song
Ashlious: it is a song!
Stephizzo: yay for '70s slang!
Ashlious: in arthur
Ashlious: !
Lowell: *headdesk*
Ashlious: the tv show
Joe: i love you
Stephizzo: ah yes, I remember
Ashlious: wtf
Lowell: ah, finally a comment
Stephizzo: sweet
Stephizzo: like sour things
Ashlious: you better be talking to lowell
Lowell: even if a little out of sorts
Lowell: that would be most unfortunate
Ashlious: *cackles* *pokes* *runs like hell*
Lowell: *throws acorn after Ashley*
********** at 9:17 PM Ms. Lonley left the room
Stephizzo: reminds me of that one country song
Ashlious: *throws acorn back*
Ashlious: *hits lol in the inguen*
Lowell: *doubles over*
Ashlious: *cackles* *mock sympathy*
Stephizzo: CHEESE FIGHT!
Lowell: Sure, you're in league with Jessica, tis to be expected
Ashlious: no i'm not
Lowell: yes you are
Lowell: you were plotting
Stephizzo: *launches cheese*
Ashlious: she just...tells me her plans!
Lowell: suuuuuuuure
Ashlious: *hit by cheese* *critical hit* *ded*
Lowell: *catches cheese, throws back*
Lowell: Nicely done with the critical hit
********** at 9:18 PM Joe left the room
Ashlious: i aim to please
Stephizzo: haha
Stephizzo: I'm sure you do
Lowell: ah, we finally scared joe offf with our randomness
Lowell: with all his one comment

********** at 9:23 PM Dede joined the room
********** at 9:23 PM elf with a lighter left the room
Lowell: Hello, welcome
monica: hey guys
Stephizzo: GREEN!
Lowell: I'm sorry, but I believe you intend to say aquamarine
Stephizzo: perhaps
Lowell: or perhaps burgundy
Stephizzo: *shifty eyes*
********** at 9:24 PM Dede left the room
Lowell: ah, they are again dropping like flies
Stephizzo: sweet
Lowell: you'd think one or two of them would put up a comment or two somewhere
along the line
Stephizzo: I mean, oh no
Stephizzo: some people, I tell you
Stephizzo: they don't appreciate the art
Stephizzo: of randomosity
Lowell: most definitely no
Stephizzo: too bad for them, I say
********** at 9:26 PM monica left the room
Stephizzo: my computer's freezing up
Stephizzo: if I end up randomly leaving the room, that's why
Stephizzo: but I will be back
Lowell: okay
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