stefffonie (stefffonie) wrote in steph_and_shlee,

Stupid People on Myspace 05/29/05

(FYI before reading: Ashley = Ashley, ellinephah = Stephanie)

Ashley: hello
Emily: hey
laura: waz up people
laura: waz good in here?
Ashley: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?
laura: are n e boyz in here?
Ashley: yes
Ashley: me
ellinephah: lol
ellinephah: I mean, um...yes

Simple_Man: hey ladies
Simple_Man: what r u all talking about
Ashley: you
ellinephah: existing

lexxie: whats everyone up too?
Ashley: breathing
ellinephah: woah, you're breathing too?
Ashley: yeah
ellinephah: I thought I was the only one!
Ashley: isn't it great?
ellinephah: Ahh, I love breathing
Ashley: *inhale*
Ashley: *exhale*
laura: yo iz funny
ellinephah: ah, oxygen and carbon dioxide are my friends

jonathan: pie eating i reckon il take
Ashley: il?
Ashley: oh
Ashley: nvm
ellinephah: Haha, aren't hyroglyphics fun, Ashley?
Ashley: yes
Ashley: the deciphering's half the fun
ellinephah: especially when it takes about a minute to decipher them
ellinephah: or more
Ashley: I KNOW
Ashley: yo iz funny? wtf
ellinephah: ah, I love English
ellinephah: real, non-slaughtered English
Ashley: aber deutsch ist viel besser als english. da hab' ich recht, oder?
ellinephah: Das stimmt!

Kemper: hey room
Ashley: helllooooooo
Ashley: says the room
ellinephah: The room says much
ellinephah: and it likes to eat pie
ellinephah: or, at least, play it in a friendly game of checkers
Ashley: and newcomers
ellinephah: yes, those too
Ashley: *grins menacingly*

4:55 PM Jackie left the room
Ashley: or not....
ellinephah: wow, we just lose them at hello now
ellinephah: though this stuff is making a nice lj post
Ashley: we had them at hello
ellinephah: lol
Ashley: i kill myself
ellinephah: or lost them!
ellinephah: me too, Ashley
ellinephah: you kill me too
ellinephah: *is killed*
Ashley: *revives*

Cheerleadin' Chick: people should leave comments under my pics in my profile so i
feel special
********** at 5:03 PM Cheerleadin' Chick left the room
ellinephah: don't people have to be on your list of friends to do that?
ellinephah: some people, I tell you...
Ashley: the stupidity of others astounds me at times
ellinephah: and me too, Ashleyous, and me too
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